We truly believe in the power of kindness and that we humans don’t wish to engage in animal cruelty, suffering or even death.
Yet sadly there is a huge disconnect between the choices people make and the impact those choices have on animals like Max. So how best to engage people in a very important conversation about the power of kindness? Simply by asking!





We truly believe in the power of kindness and that we humans don’t wish to engage in animal cruelty, suffering or even death.
Yet sadly there is a huge disconnect between the choices people make and the impact those choices have on animals like Max. So how best to engage people in a very important conversation about the power of kindness? Simply by asking!





Max enjoys a watermelon on Halloween.



Max is a truly fortunate pig. He was found wandering around the street in a town more famous for its bacon factory than its kindness to pigs.
With the fate of a lost pig uncertain at best, luck was on Max’s side and his future set bright when he was seen for who he was. Max loves fluffing his comfy, straw bed with a rake and has a cheeky sense of fun. He loves to indulge in tasty treats of watermelon, pumpkin (cooked to perfection) and strawberries.
His face shows a blissful gaze when he receives chin scratches and belly rubs, and above all else Max responds to kindness.



Right now, there are millions of clever, unique and truly remarkable pigs just like Max living their lives in Australia. But where are they? So rarely do we see pigs in our modern day society, let alone even take the time to think about them and who they really are.
When we see pork, ham or bacon, have you ever wondered about just who that animals were? Were they curious or shy? Did they have a best friend? What did they dream about? We believe the reason for this is because the industry knows if people were privy to the lives and deaths of pigs, different choices would be made.
Most people do not realise that the laws that protect our domestic animal friends from acts of cruelty and indifference to not apply to pigs, simply because they look different. Yet in their ability to experience the world and all of her wonder, pigs stand the same, and just like all animals they want to live.
For pigs in this country it is legal to severely confine them, to cut off their tails and testicles, with no requirement for anaesthetic, pain relief or even by expert veterinarians and ultimately take their lives way before nature intended to. Separation of mothers and babies is routine, along with the denial of the means to satisfy many of their natural behavioural needs. None of this would be acceptable if the animal were to look like a cat or a dog. Perhaps now is the time to ask yourself why this is so.
Like all animals pigs love the outdoors.
Max gets a pat from Edgar’s Mission founder Pam Ahern.
Max enjoys some apples.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”




Whether we realise it or not, every decision we make, and every choice we take, we’re casting a vote for the world we wish to live in. These choices all have an enormous impact on the lives of those “others” with whom we share the planet – none the least animals.
Have you ever wondered just why it is that so many have become desensitised to the suffering of others? Chipping away at the many problems society currently faces unearths a united thread of disconnection and a very simple answer, and that answer is kindness.
With numerous scientific studies citing it is not only the recipient of this gesture who benefits from kindness, there has never been a better time to extend this most noble of traits to the most vulnerable and least heard amongst – animals, just like Max.



Our “why” is our purpose, our belief and even our mission. It defines who we are and why we do what we do. We are asking people all over the country why they are kind to animals like Max, see what they said below.
Tell us why you believe animals like Max deserve our compassion and kindness. But don’t leave it there, make sure you keep the conversation going, with family, friends and co-workers.


Because I truly believe we can live happy and healthy lives without harming others.



Because kindness is an inherent value in all of us and should be expressed to the planet, people and animals we share it with.



[Because] Pigs may not be as cuddly as kittens or puppies, but they suffer just as much.



How can you look into an animals eyes and not love them. They all deserve kindness and compassion. Look at the unconditional love they give us.



[Because] they make my life better, so I should do as much as I can to do the same for them.



Well heck, they’ve always been kind to me.



I am kind to animals like Max because they are beautiful, smart, kind, funny and loving creatures. I don’t see something lower than me or something for me to use but rather an equal being who feels just as I do and who deserves just as much as anyone, to be nurtured and loved. 🐖💕



The LOVE and TRUST of an animal.. My Moo, he might be voiceless but his love knows no bounds! #speciesism ❤️🐶❤️



I can’t imagine not being kind! When you see love, joy, humor and intelligence in that beautiful smiling face, how could you not be kind?



Because I realized that other animals are here with us, not for us. Being kind to others feels wonderful and everyone deserves kindness, no matter what species we belong to.



Because animals like Max just want to be safe and loved, happy and healthy – same as you and me.



We are all travellers on this beautiful Earth together. We must take care of each other. They have hearts and souls and want to live just as much as we do. They are not our slaves.



I’m kind to animals like Max because I want to treat him with the same kindness he treats me.



Because they are awesome!



Because when I look into the eyes of an animal, like Max, I feel a soul and an understanding that we are all connected. That our goal is alike, we all just want to be loved and to be happy. It is not my right to take the life of an animal like Max, he is a being as equal as I am and I understand completely without any ignorance, that he feels pain and suffering exactly as I do; why would I want to inflict suffering directly, or indirectly on another creature? That is why I am kind to animals like Max.



What more is there in life than to love and be loved. For the less emotional reason, being kind releases oxytocin, the bonding hormone which reduces blood pressure and inflammation within the body, two of the main contributors to illness, so kindness makes my life both longer and better!



Because they are intelligent beings with unique and lovable personalities, which given the opportunity they will share with us. All animals deserve kindness and compassion, all it takes is a change in perspective.



We know we love each other. It’s unspoken and stirs up strong emotions. Our eyes and bodies show deep love & trust. My animals & I are thankful to have each other. Being kind to any living being makes my heart swell with absolute pride! We have so much to learn from all sentient beings. They bring out the best in humans.



[Because] When I look into your eyes I know you value your life just as much as I value mine, and just like every living being we share the same two basic needs… to seek out and enjoy happiness and to avoid pain and suffering.



Because I believe everyone deserves kindness, regardless of shape, size, colour or species.



Because they have just as much right to live happy, long, natural lives as human’s do. They bring a depth of spirit and joy to the planet and to all of us.



Because animals are beautiful examples of what humans should be. Patient, kind, loyal and loving creatures. There is no difference between the animals you love and the animals that are exploited. How can you say you are against animal cruelty with the same mouth that feeds on them?



Because friends come in all shapes and sizes.



Because when I look into my pig’s beautiful eyes, I see intelligence and I see trust and I shouldn’t insult his intelligence nor betray his trust.



Because all animals want to live. Once you are able to put yourself in their shoes, there is no option but kindness.



Because if not for that pink belly and cheeky grin, those happy grunts or kind eyes, I would still choose kindness over violence as a soul so gentle should be treated with nothing more.



Because they love you unconditionally. Whether you’ve had a great day or the worst they are by your side and the second you look into an animals eyes everything else melts away. My animals will never understand just how much they mean to me. All animals big and small deserve the right to love and be loved they’re intelligent beautiful souls that need kindness and our voice.



[Because] How we care and look after our animals is a reflection of who we are as a society and a culture. Animals are not a commodity to be bought and sold. They feel pain, they suffer, they experience fear. I don’t want any part of that.



[Because] We are not the superior beings, we are all equals & deserve to live as equals.



Because the bond between animals and humans is precious and is a gift. I feel we should honor these beautiful gifts we call animals. We should always stand up for them, fight for them and treat them with love. We all want the same core things: love, kindness, peace. To create a gentler world we must treat every kind with kindness from humans to ants to cows and every animal in between.



Because why love one and eat another? All animals deserve the love, the kindness and the respect that we show our household pets. Increasing your circle of compassion to include all animals, regardless of species, is something we should all aspire too.



Because animals are better than humans – they are already kind without being told they should be.



[Because] It costs me nothing to be kind to animals, and it means everything to them. Their short moment on this earth is happier when we consider they have a right to A LIFE, not just life for our profit.



Because at the centre of all the conversations, all the perceptions we hold onto and all the choices we make—there is an individual who desperately wants to live. But not just any life, a long and happy one. And I can’t ignore him.



Because they matter.



Because I can see myself in his eyes.



Because I can. Kindness is a great social equalizer. It is free to give and yet is one of the most powerful forces on earth.



[Because] When you look into an animals eyes and realise that there is ‘someone’, not ‘something’ looking trustingly back at you, you realise that kindness and compassion start with yourself.



Because ALL animals deserve a beautiful life showered with kindness, respect and loving care. Being KIND to animals is nourishing for your soul. ALL animals are my friends.





Now it’s your turn! Please tell us your why you believe animals like Max deserve our compassion and kindness. Simply email a short quote and attach a photo or three.
Some of the photos and quotes will be published live on this website. Every submission automatically puts you into the running to win Ask Me Why and Edgar’s Mission merchandise.
Please email your quotes to: [email protected]
Please include 1-3 photos, your name and quote.



We here at Edgar’s Mission dream big, to the max actually. But we need your help. Our outdoors campaign aims to take this simple yet thought provoking message to billboards in major Australian capital cities.
We aim to get the entire country talking and are supporting the billboards with a poster and leaflets. If you’d like to financially support this campaign with your tax deductible donation you can do so here. See the outdoors campaign below. More images coming soon.
Campaign photo.
Cnr Bray St & Marion Rd, Plympton Park, SA.
Acland Street, St Kilda, Melbourne.
Max up close.



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Max holds his favourite rake.



Max, unlike so many of his kind, has a life truly worth living at a sanctuary – Edgar’s Mission. Here, just like the other 450 animals who call this haven home, his every need is catered for and never again will he be forgotten or unloved.
Edgar’s Mission is a not for profit sanctuary for rescued farmed animals, set on 153 peaceable acres in the heart of the picturesque Macedon Ranges just west of the tiny township of Lancefield.
Edgar’s Mission farm sanctuary.

Eulogy to a pig: To the Max — the final chapter.

His life was fortified by our kindness and a straw-filled bed, the latter only the day prior refreshed by an intrepid group of corporate volunteers to whom Max quickly endeared himself. Of course, he did this in his own inimitable and affable way, leaving them walking away with snoutmarks on their hands and in their hearts.

Shadowed by a life before Edgar’s Mission that saw him found wandering the streets in a town made famous for its bacon factory, Max was destined to make the headlines. From his daily sojourns about his little patch in the world at Edgar’s Mission, Max featured on billboards plastered across Australia and the internet, and in major daily newspapers and state news services. Max ruled supreme wherever he was seen, and, let’s be honest, you could hardly miss him https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/teb/2/16/1f642.png?_nc_eui2=AeGSI0wNK5aR5JgMsps0s0yOFtOXvrJEgB-6H7u3Qb8gMvuO-TjQxOCdfYTeI2WkREtFZZ0dND9iKiegWr-H95c0BbfyLtI_jORR0wLuRjnV6Q 🙂 True to the spirit of pigs, Max was a tidy boy, designating a section of his home range for his ablutions and bringing joy to our hearts as he seized a rake between his teeth and put the finishing touches to his straw bed. His antics with his ball broke all expectations of the fun-loving nature of pigs (but sadly, too, eventually the ball!).

Max’s life could best be summed up as a river of turbulence in his passage to find sanctuary here, quickly swapping that for one that was to be peppered with beauty, serenity, wisdom and the occasional bout of proud flatulence (if you’re smiling now chances are you know pigs all too well; if not, you, have something to look forward to -not!). Max indeed made wise counsel; he was a stoic, a Zen master with a glorious Buddha-like belly. If you had a problem, best sit with Max, look deep into those wise eyes (if you managed to catch him when he was awake) and massage that plump tummy and the answer was simple -surrender to the incredible possibility of what living in the moment was, although Max was always quick to add it was better still if it came with food. 

Max reigned supreme here at the sanctuary, as we took our rightful place as his loyal subjects: “Is Max up yet?”, “Has Max been fed?”, “Remember Max only likes his apples cut in quarters and he doesn’t like carrots”, “Can someone help get Max up?”, “Max needs more straw”, “Has Max’s wallow been filled? ”, “It’s getting hot, we need to check Max”. It was always about Max and ensuring he had every possible creature comfort we could afford, alas there was always one we couldn’t – a body better designed for mobility than meat production. Despite nature getting it right, human appetite and intervention over the years has seen the shape and colour of pigs just like Max charting a course of expediency and profits that was never going to be kind to pigs. 

Did Max know summer was on her way? Perhaps the occasional hot day that November has already thrown at us whispered so into those impressively hairy piggy ears that the most unpleasant time of year for pigs was on her way. A time dear old Max struggled with. And, too, we certainly knew he didn’t like his medicine, as he would inch out each drop and leave it in his feed bowl, meaning we humans had to resort to our ingenuity (which pales beside that of pigs), hiding it in a piece of bread, apple or even kiwi fruit (oh, how Max loved kiwi fruit). All of this meant Max would get an extra treat of something he dearly loved. 

Yes, you get the picture, pigs are smart, and Max was no exception. But what Max was an exception to was relishing the company of other pigs, something these highly social animals usually so richly enjoy. Just like dear Edgar, he far preferred his own company and we ceded to his wishes. With all this in mind, we cannot help but take solace that Max’s passing was on his terms and in comfort, taking in his breakfast after spending a night under the stars in the long grass (as did his Eurasian ancestors, Sus Scrofa), then tootling off to his luxuriously comfy straw bed and devilishly dodging his morning meds, drifting off to sleep and never again waking. There was no sign of struggle or pain, in his very handsome, much loved, full-bellied and peaceful form. If only all pigs could pass so peacefully, respected and loved from this world.

There is no doubt Max left an impression on all he met (and a good snout mark or two as well, as our corporate volunteers can attest). One of our favourite Max moments, (and there are so, so many), came just after a journalist had just done an interview with Max: as he was walking away, he turned and uttered the words from a lump filled throat and in a moment of pure honesty, “You know, I cannot look that pig in the eye,” to which someone asked, “Why?”, and he replied, “Because I eat them, and it makes me feel bad.”

Having the privilege of knowing Max as we have had the good fortune to do, we know that we all have a place in our hearts for kindness; for so many, though, it sits just outside, waiting for the invitation to come in. Sometimes all it needs is the gentle nudge of a pig named Max to do so. Oh, Maxy boy, we couldn’t love you any more if we tried, yet somehow, we do and always will.

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Kindness to the Max!
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